Is decentralization reduced in DPoS compared to PoS or PoW?

There is a continuous discussion in the blockchain industry about decentralization. There are several groups: pro-PoW, pro-POS, pro-DPOS... Each group has arguments for and against either solution. There is no obvious “winner” as each consensus mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages.

Now let’s put theoretical discussion aside and focus on our project. We don’t want to be one of 2500 useless crypto that is only suitable for trading, and so our ultimate goal is entering the market of closed loop and open loop payments, and creating real business, as fast as we can. In order to do it our ledger must have the following features: custom tokens, high scalability, instant authorizations and settlements, zero fees for some transaction types, very light clients, and no locked balances.After thorough research we realized that the only technology that fits all these requirements is a combination of block lattice and DPoS. Our technological solution allows creating a fully decentralized permissionless network.

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