How to Create and Operate Lyra Wallet

There are several options for creating a Lyra wallet (and there will be even more soon):

  1. Web wallet.

  2. CLI wallet.

  3. Mobile wallet.

  4. Desktop Wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux (created by Iulian Gheorghiu)

Web Wallet

Web wallet is the easiest and fastest way to get Lyra. To create a web wallet, simply go to and click the Create New Wallet button. You should see something like this:

Your wallet's private key (pszF1Pk8gaPbTrRH8atBoJwn1f2CwMjy5o8QjUbygtYAvpH1o in example above) is the most important element as it can be used to restore your wallet. You should never disclose your private key.

Your wallet's address, or Lyra account ID as we call it (LHrerkuF7z7CbRDZuiB5WvPEKRWNGYXmZRYCdrZDZPKno2azLaoov6kKknbMtbQxoT8k1hnp9E3FGripJW5uq39R1FkYb4 in example above) can be used to send funds to your account and can be shared with anyone.


Here is the most important rule: the web wallet is not persistent, which means once you close your browser page your wallet is gone! It is short-lived and it lives only as long as the browser page is open. So in order to be able to use your account in the future or maybe copy it to CLI wallet or mobile wallet, the first thing you have to do after you create web wallet: select and copy your Private Key and store it in a safe place (for example, in password manager vault, or simply write it down in a piece of paper). Without Private Key, you won't be able to restore and use your wallet in the future!

While Web wallet has pretty basic functionality, it is good enough to receive or send LYR, or even vote for an authorizer node.

How to receive tokens using web wallet

Provide you Lyra account id (wallet address) to the person who wants to send tokens to you.

Lyra token transfer consists of two transactions: send and receive, so if someone sent you Lyra tokens, in order to receive them you need to click the Receive button which triggers the receive transaction.

How to send tokens using web wallet

Click Send button, specify the recipient's wallet address (Lyra account id) in Destination Wallet Address field, the Token Name (type LYR for native LYR tokens), the Amount you would like to to transfer, and click Send Token button.

How to vote for an authorizer node using web wallet

Click Settings button, put the account id (wallet address) of the authorizer node, and click Save button. Your vote will become “visible” only after it is recorded on the blockchain, which means you need to run either send or receive transaction. So after you voted, you can either send any amount of any Lyra token to any other address from the voting account, or send tokens to the voting account from another wallet and then click Receive.

Command Line Interface (CLI) wallet

CLI wallet has more functions than web wallet, and it is persistent on your computer. It does not mean you should not store your private key - you still must do it as described above, so you could restore your wallet in case your computer is gone. CLI wallet can be installed on desktop computers: Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

Follow instructions in this document to install and operate a CLI wallet:

Make sure that you specify --network mainet parameter when you run the wallet to connect the wallet on production network: dotnet lyra.dll --networkid mainnet -p webapi

Mobile wallet - Android (public preview)

Mobile wallet for Android is available for preview only.

Download the latest version of Lyra Mobile Wallet for Android:

Full versions of Android and iOS mobile wallets will be available from Apple and Google app stores soon.

TLYR and Uniswap

TLYR is ERC20 token created as LYR tether on Ethereum blockchain. TLYR enables decentralized exchange of LYR on Uniswap. Currently, TLYR is trading for ETH and USDT on Uniswap. TLYR can be swapped to LYR (and vice versa) on the constant 1:1 rate, i.e. if you have X LYR it means you can always swap it to X TLYR and vice versa - if you have X TLYR you can swap it to X LYR.

TLYR-LYR bi-directional swap gateway is already operating on the mainnet and accessible directly from the Lyra web wallet. When you are in Lyra web wallet, just click the Swap button. You will be prompted to swap LYR to TLYR or TLYR to LYR.

You can store and operate TLYR tokens using any wallet supporting Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, but the TLYR-LYR swap gateway is currently integrated with MetaMask wallet.

You can also play with it on the testnet with the Lyra testnet / Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network.

Desktop Wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux (created by Iulian Gheorghiu)

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