Use Cases

LYRA must enter the market and create a real business as soon as possible, otherwise it will become one of thousands of useless crypto that do not have any practical application and will never gain any real value. Unique LYRA design features such as high scalability, multi token support, instant authorizations and settlements, zero fee basic transactions, and super light clients enable various use cases that would be difficult, expensive, or impossible to implement on traditional blockchain networks.
Current List of Use Cases
Financial, Banking: Proprietary Cryptocurrency Funds Transfer Funds Transfer via Email Peer to Peer Trading Full DEX (Sell/Buy Orders)
Merchants, Retail, ECommerce: In-Store and Online Payments Invoice Subscriptions PreAuthorization PrePay Loyalty Reward Program Gift Card Program Promotional Discount Coupon Program Promotional Offer Messages Store Credit Program Reward Points Marketplace Gift Card Marketplace
Gaming: In-game payments Player rewards
Social Media: Chat Token Marketplace Website Rewards (Advertising Engagement)
Workplace: Employee Reward Program Remittance Processing
Education: Student Reward Program Family Rewards
IoT: IoT Service Micropayments