Why C#?

C# is a powerful object-oriented language included in most Top 5 lists of popular programming languages. The code is consistent and logical as compared to C++. Spotting errors in C# is easy as it is statically typed language, where the code is checked before turning it to an application.

C# execution is much faster than Java and close to C++ by all benchmarks. C# development and compilation are faster than C++.

It’s not a secret that C# was designed by Microsoft as a competitor to Java. C# is closely related to Java and C++ and can be easily read by a big base of developers.

.NET is popular in corporate environments, and therefore there are a lot of C# programmers who have enormous experience with business apps which is exactly what we are looking for. Unlike many other blockchain projects with no useful use cases or clear go to market plans, we are creating real life apps for businesses and consumers.

In .NET you can create portable code that functions across mobile devices, desktop computers, and servers with various hardware and operating systems. The same source code can be compiled for most popular platforms, for free. For example, the code of our command line interface client is written just once but compiled to different binaries that can be installed and running on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi.

.NET is open source. Visual Studio for Windows and Mac are a professional grade IDE that can be used for free.

Both Lyra co-founders are active programmers and have many years of coding experience in C#.

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